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AIS - Abhay International School

Abhay Shikshan Kendra is a parent body trust established in the year 1970. Abhay Shikshan Kendra has done a remarkable work in education domain with the initiation of Abhay International School (AIS). In the span of last few years, AIS has transformed into one of the best hi-tech schools in and around Vikhroli.

AIS is well equipped with modern infrastructure, healthy and secured environment, updated learning resources and experienced and enthusiastic faculty.

The mission of the AIS school is to provide the responsible education to all strata of the society at the most affordable cost. With this mission in action, Team AIS has introduced best CISCE syllabi with right pedagogical deliverance through modern IT enabled classrooms, right set of sports and co-curricular activities, professional teaching and support staff, right counseling to every individual, periodical assessment of learners to create a complete responsible human being of future having assimilation of values, confidence, responsibility and competitiveness .

The vision of AIS being “Enroll, Enrich and Excel” will support the young Abhayians to march ahead with sensitivity and sensibility in this fast changing world.

Somthing More About Us

We at AIS has recognized the importance of Special Education support and the role it plays in the development of certain students. Keeping this in mind, an “Inclusive policy”

Document has been drafted to be shared with the school community. It is also decided that this policy will be reviewed every year in the month of April.

Opening Hours


Mon - Fri : 8.30 am - 3.30 pm


Sat : 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

Sun : Closed